Santiago de Chile, Chile

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Born in Santiago, Chile, Leslie displayed a keen interest in music from a very young age, studying violin, piano and taking singing lessons at the tender age of 6, a passion she maintained all the way to high school, allowing her to participate in a wide variety of music competitions and festivals.

Once in college, she studied Speech Therapy, ultimately specializing in professional voice development, disorders and treatment, while advancing her singing career through performances at private and corporate events.

Yet Leslie’s interest in human speech extended far beyond her college degree. After graduating in 2006, she received formal training in International Film and Documentary Voice-Over Dubbing and began her career as a dub actor in Chile, lending her voice to a myriad of characters for series such as Netflix’s “Designated Survivor” and the feature film “Okja” in 2017.

The following year, Leslie studied Professional Voice Acting and shifted her career towards corporate and commercial voice-over work, which she continues to pursue to this day. Her client list includes Casas del Bosque Winery, Undurraga Winery, Ernst & Young, Codelco (The National Copper Corporation of Chile), Corfo (The Chilean Economic Development Agency), CONAF (Chile’s National Forest Service), BHP Billiton, Sierra Gorda Mining, Chile’s Metropolitan University of Educational Sciences, Santo Tomás University, the Chilean Mint, Chile’s Financial Market Commission and Falabella Bank, to name a few.

Her fluency and knowledge of the English language have opened many doors for her career, making her one of the few national talents with such high-level language skills in the Chilean market.

During all of this time, Leslie has continued delving deeper into her study of the human voice, earning her a Professional Vocal Coach certificate in 2019 and a vocal health and rehabilitation internship at the Las Condes Clinic in Santiago, Chile, where she acquired even further experience in treating patients suffering from vocal pathologies.

The education and expertise Leslie has accrued from multiple professional settings related to the human voice have enabled her to work as a voice-over professional, to teach singing to children and adults alike through her online music and singing academy CantaKids and to be a Vocal Coach for speech-intensive professionals, such as teachers, lawyers, and psychologists, among others. On top of all of this, she works as a speech therapist, providing care and treatment to patients with vocal issues and pathologies.

Leslie is passionate about the HUMAN VOICE and the influence it has on people’s lives. Her knowledge and confidence when it comes to speech, both at a physiological and artistic level, have turned Leslie into one of the most versatile, competent and professional voice actors currently on the market.